It seems that money is finally being pumped back into British history on TV and after the popularity of Showtime’s The Tudors, we’re now anticipating a new drama set in the English Civil War in the autumn. It’s a four part drama entitled the devils whore and it stars Dominic West as Oliver Cromwell and Peter Capaldi as Charles I. Angelica Fanshawe is played by Andrea Riseborough, who played Margaret Thatcher in The Long Walk to Finchley. From The Observer:

The Devil’s Whore chronicles the life of the fictitious Angelica Fanshawe, who was born into the Royalist camp. The name is taken from that of the diarist Anne, Lady Fanshawe, a direct ancestor of Brant’s three daughters through their paternal grandmother.

‘The real Lady Fanshawe was the daughter of a wealthy merchant and part of the court entourage that travelled to Oxford, where she met her husband, Sir Richard,’ said Brant. ‘This was the kind of ancestry I had always wanted for myself. In my heart of hearts I had thought I must be a princess as a child, as many girls do, so the idea that my daughters are part of all this history is wonderful.’

The youngest, 15-year-old Miranda, will make her debut in the drama as Princess Elizabeth, grief-stricken daughter of the executed King Charles I, who is played by Peter Capaldi, the New Labour spin doctor in the hit BBC4 comedy The Thick of It

The Devil’s Whore, which has been co-funded by the American network HBO, also stars Michael Fassbender as the political firebrand Thomas Rainsborough. Fassbender won acclaim at this summer’s Cannes Film Festival for his portrayal of Bobby Sands in Hunger. John Simm, who starred as Sam Tyler in the BBC’s popular Life on Mars, plays the Puritan anti-monarchist Edward Sexby.

I’m very excited about this series and its interesting that this period has never been given the sort of attention that Tudor and Elizabethan England are often given. Well, with all these stars involved, I’m sure it won’t be long before the period gains some more popularity. Can’t wait!